Our handmade bricks are available in assorted colours, giving you the freedom to choose the type that will bring the right style and ambiance to your project. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers use our handmade bricks for many types of projects, but they are especially popular for fireplaces and outdoor walls. In addition, our handmade bricks make handsome, rustic chic paving stones for gardens, patios and walkways. The bricks are sold individually, and you can use our online calculator to determine how many you’ll need for your project.

In addition to handmade bricks, Midland Stone features other stylish, high quality building bricks for interior and exterior projects. Our other bricks are sold by the bale, allowing you to purchase a large number for a set price.

As with all of our building materials, our bricks can be delivered to a location of your choosing or picked up at our location in Athlone, Ireland. If you have questions about any of the bricks that we carry, our customer service team will be glad to assist you. Contact us via online chat, email or phone.