At Midland Stone, we offer beautiful glass chippings in a variety of colours from go-with-everything shades of black and white to eye-catching hues like cobalt, green, lilac and turquoise. Our glass chippings are completely sustainable, as they are produced entirely from recyclable bottles and jars. First, the glass is melted at incredibly high temperatures. A permanent, non-fading dye is then added to give the glass its brilliant colour. Then, the glass is cooled and crushed into stylish angular shavings.

Our glass chippings are a favourite among landscaping professionals and home improvement enthusiasts alike. You’ll find our glass chippings in numerous memorial gardens across Ireland, where they provide a lifetime of beauty by resisting the effects of sun, rain, sleet, ice, snow and wind better than rock aggregates. In addition, our chippings are commonly used in terrazzo flooring and for resin bonded paving.